The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will, guidance and mentoring. At Dev Teachers Point, we are focused on your success. Though change and uncertainty are inevitable but growth is Intentional. That’s why, our tutorial remains firmly committed to helping students by providing academic services to enable them to meet their career goals and objectives.


“I can & I will” is the philosophy we are kindled with, which rejuvenates us to script new success stories every year for last 20years. It is a way of life and a guiding principle that strengthen our belief to reach new heights. This philosophy is reflected in our work culture everyday – from the way we mentor our students to the success history we have been scripting for almost two decades.

There is a theory, which suggests that at young age the brain is, in essence, transformed from an insatiable information-gathering machine into a sleek, cogitation machine of enormous power. Your ideas become complex, your reasoning grows elegant and powerful, and your imagination soars to new heights. This is why the tutorial you choose to train yourself is so important. You need to know what arduous thinking feels like. You need to challenge yourself. You need someone to say, “Think again. You don’t quite have it yet.” You also need someone to tell you, “Yes, that’s it. That’s it exactly”.

The academic programs offered at Dev Teacher’s Point have been designed to enrich the students with holistic preparation so that they can assure their success. We help students in sharpening their basic skills to such an extent that would benefit them throughout their lives. We encourage students for an in-depth-learning, so that they can extract optimum advantages from the knowledge they have acquired. Our faculty members employ multiple ways to make learning a fun-filled activity by bringing innovation eventually. Here, we insist on the basics, but what we mean by basics is distinctive. Our curriculum is built according to the ever changing world of competitive examinations that gears up students to appear in competitive exams with confidence.

In the end, we want all of you to grow. We not only teach you to ask good questions but help you learn how to analyze and draw solutions to subject problems. And after you have finished, we help you to objectively evaluate your results, for you to see how far you need to go and how much more hard-work you need to put in.

At Dev Teacher’s Point, we simply help students to find their voice, capabilities, talent and above all their passion.